Horeca Seasoning Power


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  • Seasoning powder is an up-market spice mixture supplemented with flesh, bone and marrow. Seasoning powder used in cookery that helps to make foods more tasty.
  • Seasoning powder can be used as a substitute for other spices such as salted fish, salt and super seasoning…
  • "Seasoning powder made of flesh, supplemented with bone and marrow of Miwon produces natural sweet flavor for every meal of Vietnamesefamilies"
Horeca Seasoning powder

Product Description

  • Main ingredients: Salt, sugar, flavor enhancers (mononatri glutamat E621, dinatri 5’- inosinat- E631, dinatri 5’- guanylat E627), fresh, bone and marrow powders, natural and synthetic fresh fragrance, starch…
  • Nutritional value - in every 10g: Energy: 20.0kcal; Protein: 1.05gr; Lipid: 0.02gr; Carbohydrate: 3.91gr
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Packaging: 450g, 5kg, 10kg.

For use and Storage:

  • Soup and hotpot: 2-3 teaspoons for 1 liter of water.
  • Stir-fry: 2 teaspoons for 600g of vegetables.
  • Stewing: 2 teaspoons for 500g of meat, fish.
  • Mixed into raw foods: 1 teaspoon for 500g of meat fish 1 spoon = 4-5gr.
  • Store in dry place away from direct sunlight. Tightly close after use.
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