Hongcho Pomegranate

Hongcho Pomegranate

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  • Natural fruit fermentation, not acid base, safe for health.
  • Vitamin B supplement, increase energy and vitality for the body.
  • • Cooling, detoxify, good for digestion.

Product Description:

  • Usage: 5 years old to older.
  • Expiration: 18 months.
  • Package specifications: 500ml.

For use - Storage:

  • Drink directly with a cup of ice.
  • Mix with water: ratio 3 part water 1 part vinegar or 4 part water 1 part vinegar.
  • Mix with alcohol or soda.
  • Preservation: Avoid direct sun light. Once opened, close lid so no bug may get in. Refrigerate. During use time, if settlings appear at the bottom of the bottle, color may change naturally due to the fruit extract, this is natural.
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