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  • Miwon Dried Korean Seaweed: 100% pure seaweed, natural product selected from the South sea of Korea, dried according to the advanced technology of Daesang Corporation Korea.
  • Korean Seaweed precious, rich in nutrients and minerals use to make soup, stir-fry, sald,… to bring safe and healthy dish to the family.
rong bien han quoc nau canh

Product Description

  • Main ingredient: Dried Korean Seaweed 100%.
  • Nutrition value in each 100g: Energry: 263 kcal; carbohydrate: 40,3gr; Protein: 20,9gr; Lipid: 2,06gr.
  • Expiration: 12 months.
  • Package specifications: 50gram, 100gram.

For use - Storage:

  • Beef seaweed soup:
  • Ingredients: (for 4 servings) Korean seaweed: 10g (soak until bloom), beef: 2 ounces, tofu: 1 cover.
  • Step 1: Place seaweed in cold water to bloom, cut in to smaller piếc
  • Step 2: Slice beef, tofu into square of 2cm.
  • Step 3: Place beef in the broth, add seasoning, cook for 30 minutes. After that add the seaweed, let boil for 7minutes.
  • Step 4: Lastly add tofu, let boil and turn off the heat. Move to bowl.
  • Preservation: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sun light.
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