*Promotional program: “Lucky card”
*Promotional products and services:barrels of delicious and clean fish sauce in 200ml and 500ml bottles; barrelsof yellow soy sauce in 200ml and 500ml bottles.

*Promotion time: From 20 August 2014 to 29 October 2014
*Promotion scope: Nationwide
*Customers of promotional program:
·        The chance to hit a prize is available for all customers who buy intact barrels of promotional products (as stated in point 2) by scratching the cards pasted on such barrels.
Supermarkets; employees of Miwon Vietnam Co., Ltd; agents, distributors of Miwon Vietnam Co., Ltd, employees of related advertisers and service suppliers are not allowed to attend this promotional program.
·* Attendance form: Scratching the cards pasted on promotional barrels for prizes. “Lucky card”
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