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  • A combonation of high flavor by adding meat, bones and marrow powder. Use it in cooking to create more delicious and tasty food. Use this in replacement to other spices such as fish sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate…
  • Also there is also added Zinc: stimulates height, weight and bone development in children.
Seasoning powder

Product Description

  • Main ingredients: Salt, sugar, synthetic corn starch, malrodextrin, meat powder, bone powder, marrow powder.
  • Flavoring: natural meat, onion flavor and synthesis, ground pepper, onion powder, food coloring.
  • Expiration: 18 months.
  • Package specifications: 65g, 200g, 450g, 900g, 2kg.

For use and Storage:

  • For 5 servings: Broth: 2~3 tsp for 1 liter of water ; Stir fry: 2 tsp for 600g of vegetables; Braise: 2 tsp for 500g of meat/fish; Seasoning: 1 muỗng for 500g of meat/fish 1 tbs = 3~4g.
  • Preservation: Store in a dry, clean and cool place.
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