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  • Miwon Fresh Mayonnaises made from fresh Korean eggs, soy oil and vinegar.
  • Fresh Mayonnaises is a versatile spice use in various dishes to enhance food flavor. Use Miwon Fresh Mayonnaises to make fruit salad, vegetable salad, seafood rolls, fry dishes, stir-fry, grill…helps you become a better cook.
sốt mayonnaise

Product Description

  • Main ingredient: Soy bean oil, water, vinegar, Korean egg yolk, sugar, salt, latic acid, stabilizer (xanthangum), flavoring synthesis (egg flavor), antioxidants (EDTA), chilli oil, mustard oil.
  • Key quality indicators: For every 10g of product: Energry: 68,7kcal; carbohydrate: 0,292gr; Protein: 0,07gr; Lipid: 7,5gr.
  • Expiration: 8 months.
  • Package specifications: 300gram, 500gram.

For use - Storage:

  • Fruit salad: Clean fruit thoroughly, cut into pieces. Then mix with Fresh Mayonnaise. Suitable with all fruits such as: cucumber, pear, apple, strawberry… Seafood roll: Shrimp (skin removed), squid, diced carot. Stir until well done, season to taste, mix with Fresh Mayonnaise. Make into rolls, deep fry. Sandwich: prepare potatoe mixture: smash eggs: Fresh Mayonnaise with 2:1:1 ratio for the sandwich, eat with salad.
  • Preservation: Store in cool dry place. Avoid sun light. Once opened, keep in fridge (5~10 celcius degree).
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